Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why OPEC Poses a Threat to My Clean Energy Invention

The Invention of the Century is available NOW !

 Everyone is TALKING about Climate Change, Global Warming and the environment, but this is THE Solution. 
It's time to lay down your political and financial agendas and fund this invention. 
If the U.S. Government or American private investors do not fund this invention, then there is a very strong probability that Middle East oil interests (OPEC) will purchase it, just to make sure that it never is available for actual use.
It is the Invention of the Century and it involves
the ONE and ONLY (singleSolution for Clean Energy.

My invention can eliminate 100%  of Middle East oil imports.
There is a very strong chance that OPEC will purchase the rights
to my invention before it is implemented in the United States.

If anyone is actually interested in solving environmental issues
or controlling the mega-profits from oil and gasoline, they might
want to take pro-active financial action.

The price tag for my invention is $28 Billion (after taxes).
Considering the amount of money that the United States spends
on gasoline per year (not to mention the air pollution), this is actually
a very small fee.
Don Pentecost 

I emailed over 100 employees at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and told them that I had the ONE and ONLY SOLUTION for Clean Energy (which is my personal invention), you would think that with all the “talk” that the government doesabout climate change (formerly global warming), that they would be extremely interested to take the 2 minutes it takes to return an email ???…but, it’s not any surprise when you know that the LAST THING in the world that the government, the U.N., etc. wants is an actually SOLUTION. The POLITICAL POWER and the TRILLIONS of dollars will only happen if the scam is perpetuated, not if a true solution is discovered. As long as there are solution(S), (PLURAL), and THEY control these “solutions” (along with big business), then it is O.K……if a nobody u.s. tax payer comes along with a SOLUTION, then the whole environmental world is SILENT…At first, my invention could be purchased for $89 Million (total), and be on the market in less than 2 years. As the people at the top of the u.s. government and the U.N. started talking about TRILLIONS invested in “climate change”, my invention cost was also “adjusted” for the insanity.
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